Destiny 2 mouse not responding

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Destiny 2 mouse not responding

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Overwatch League. My Tickets. Contact Support. Select a category from the options below. This needs your attention. Bungie Help. Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost Guide. Tincture of Queensfoil and the Ascendant Buff do not last between activities. View More Bungie Articles. Twitter Feed. Destiny 1 and 2 background maintenance is complete.

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Players who observe issues should report to the Help forum: bungie. Destiny 1 and 2 background maintenance has begun. No downtime is expected.

destiny 2 mouse not responding

Today Apr. For more info: bungie. Tomorrow Apr. These systems can now be logged in and used again. Users may notice that they aren't able to log in or use these systems until maintenance is complete. RT XboxSupport: Users should now be able to purchase content, redeem codes, and launch games again without issue.

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A complete walkthrough of the Zero Hour mission in Destiny 2, the final step in unlocking Outbreak Perfected. Zero Hour in Destiny 2 is the last step between you and Outbreak Perfected. This is an extremely challenging mission involving Power enemies and a 20 minute time limit.

Before you can attempt Zero Hour, you must first begin the Outbreak Perfected questline. This quest is short compared to how players needed to acquire this weapon in the original Destiny. As for the Zero Hour mission itself, chances are you and your team will need a few attempts to complete it.

While Power and skill are important, patience and teamwork is just as critical.

Zero Hour mission guide - Destiny 2

Though any type of character can potentially clear Zero Hour, those looking for any extra help would be wise to enter with the right classes. As for weapons, I cannot stress this enough, Whisper of the Worm is essential. There are dozens of yellow health bar enemies and even a few Spider tanks, and all of them have a lot of health. With Whisper, you can basically breeze through these encounters with ease. Keep in mind, it is absolutely essential you have ammo for the final room.

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Hiding at the back is a Captain, Mithrax, whom you saved at the end of the Enemy of my Enemy mission on Titan. Interact with Mithrax to start Zero Hour. As soon as you land, begin running through the doors and go through the vent on the right. When out in the open, stay back and use the left side of the wall for cover. Whittle down the Shanks and the Captains using the correct elements and aim to have this area with 19 minutes on the clock. Go through the hallway into the main area of the Tower.

Here you will need to dispatch three Heavy Shanks, several Arc-shielded Shanks, a scattering of Sniper Shanks up high, and some Vandals. Use the stairs and the little hut near where you entered as cover. Aim to have this completed with 17 minutes or more on the clock. Focus on taking out the snipers on the walkways over the Hangar while another player uses their super to clear the enemies on the left.

Ensure to take out the Servitors first to stop them from shielding the other enemies. With the upper level clear, shift to killing the enemies down below. This is where you will encounter the first Spider tank. Use Whisper to take it down quickly. Run up the stairs behind the Spider tank and clear the group of Vandals and the Captain. Continue through the halls, killing all the enemies in your path. You will exit the hallways into a large outdoor area where the floor has been destroyed.

Jump across to the walkway with the letter M painted on the wall. Slide under the roller door and drop down the elevator shaft.Troubleshoot Titanfall 2 issues Learn about current issues, workarounds, or how to get past an error in Titanfall 2. Read more on EA Help. Top Answers Browse the most popular answers provided by the community and EA for solutions to common issues.

View answers. Unanswered Questions Share your knowledge and help out your fellow players by answering one of these open questions.

destiny 2 mouse not responding

View questions. Titanfall 1 known issues Running into issues with the original Titanfall? We've got you covered. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less.

[Fixed] Destiny 2 Problems – Crashing, Freezing, Lockups Errors & More

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Destiny 2 - MOUSE LAG / CHOPPY - ✔ SOLVED ✔

Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs. Titanfall Community. Join the Titanfall 2 community and learn more about multiplayer mode, game servers, ports, and game codes. Join the Titanfall community forums and share your experience from the frontier.

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destiny 2 mouse not responding

Sounds like a mouse malfunction, have you tested another mouse? Callyste View Profile View Posts. Dumb question but Or did you change settings to use a pad by accident, maybe even though I doubt it would disable mouse.

Yeah, this is a very rare bug that happens every once in a blue moon since the move to Steam. It happened to me once and I've seen one or two other posts about it since. Very rare issue, but it does happen. It isn't a mouse issue. If you open a menu, the mouse works fine, you just lose control of the camera. Originally posted by Ari-1 :.

Ive had this issue. My friend has this issue. Mouse works in steam overlay and in menus.

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Randomly, Mouse does not work or sensitivity jumps all over the place while in First Person shooter. New bug for me since steam. Originally posted by SoloKN8 :. Castiel View Profile View Posts. Hey, i had that problem a few times in the past, but didnt occured since the transfer to steam. I closed and restarted the game then it worked normal again.

I use a Roccat Nyth with the Swarm software. I had this happen twice in the first few days of steam release; luckily, it hasn't happened since then. It's not related to a specific mouse brand. I've seen posts of it occurring with Razer, Logitech, and Castiel just mentioned Roccat.

Idk I hope they fix it. Same issue here, mouse just stopped working, cant aim at all, no shooting, scroll or mb4-mb5.

Destiny® 2 Support

Works in game the menu but clicks dont work. In windows work just fine. Game work as normal only after restarting. Starce View Profile View Posts.Play nice. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Cancel Edit Create Fireteam Post. Help Help us help you. Forum Sub-Category. Post a Poll. Question Post. Posted by. Destiny 2. Help Forums. Also, it still works on my pc without restarting. Comment Reply Start Topic.

Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time Adding myself to the list.

Steam Linking is here!

April My issue is that mouse just randomly skips a frame or two, but it happens all the time, it's like the input disappears for a while and comes back. Then there's also input lag that is not there all the time, just as sometimes I swear it feels like my sensitivity keeps jumping up and down.

I have an itch that those issues are related.

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New to Destiny 2. Was doing the first story mission and my mouse stopped working completely. Adding my name to this list AprilOP was 2 years ago! My left mouse button will just not register and I have to click again before my shot goes off. Happens in crucible weekly, sometimes daily. I can never tell if its a game bug or hacks since I always seem to lose a battle as a consequence of this I don't think I've experienced it in PVE.

Same here just happened to me mid vanguard strike. Happened to me just now in Iron banner. Had to basically be an AFK bot to finish my match. Seems to be an old issue resurfacing? I use a G This happened to me today in crucible as well. In the following game, after re-launching, my framecap was stuck at 30fps wth?

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Mr WrathKill. Bungie, stop shitting on us! Do something please! Its game breaking issue!Destiny has long had one of the best first-person shooter control schemes on consoles. On PC, getting there requires a little more work. When I reviewed the first Destiny back inI said that Bungie had created the most physically satisfying shooter control scheme since Gears of War. I still feel that way, though only when talking about how it works on a game controller. Fortunately, you can remap the buttons however you want.

Of course, remapping PC game controls is nothing new. For my first few days with the PC version, I was content to tinker around there, using the extra buttons on my gaming mouse to cover things like my melee attack, grenade, and weapon switching.

The more I looked around, however, the more possibilities I found. I found that out from this reddit post by RealoFoxtrotwhich explains where to find the file and how to set it so that the mouse wheel only switches between kinetic and energy, with power weapons mapped to a different button.

After that, I kept tinkering with the preferences file. In the preferences file, secondary key mappings are separated from primary ones with a! E is interact, F is my super, and Q does my air-dodge move. Now my aim moves much slower, but that just means I have to swing my mouse more aggressively to get big movements.

Not a huge deal. The A. Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Your guide to gaming delivered to your inbox daily. Kirk Hamilton. Filed to: destiny. Kirk Hamilton Posts Email Twitter.Below are a bunch of issues that make life a little harder than it ought to be, and suggestions for what to do about most of them. Transcending first-world problems this one, but there is no cross-platform save or character support — i. No progress, gear or anything else is carried over between platforms.

I can sympathise a little more if I think about it closely, though — too many mega-gods running about in the early days of Destiny 2 PC seems a tad unfair, while conversely the superior aim controls of mouse arguably gives you a way to progress more rapidly with a character you may ultimately plan to use on console.

Or perhaps a tricky technical hurdle. In my experience on a GeForce cardthe supposedly superior SMAA does very little compared to having AA off entirely, while the supposedly inferior FXAA does tone things down a little more but makes some detail seem softer.

Perhaps an MSAA option will be added in time — this too can harm performance significantly, but it usually does the trick when it comes to jaggies. No AA. Screenshotting is hard workdue to Destiny 2 aggressively blocking many third-party applications as part of its anti-cheating measures. First is that the default Alt-F1 command unfortunately conflicts with F1 being hard-bound to the inventory screen in Destiny 2, so I just ended up with a load of that, but I was able to rebind the shortcut in GeForce Experience.

There are two ways around this also relevant if you prefer not to have GeForce Experience installed : Print Screen, but you may find that this only works in Windowed, Borderless Window, or Borderless Fullscreen, and by default it involves a great deal of manual faff pasting the image into an editing application.

Some third-party applications, such as Dropbox, will automatically export a screen capture to file, however. If you were hoping player-to-player communication options would be improved for the PC version of Destiny 2, prepare for disappointment. This is a weirdly silent game. With the above in mind, be very, very careful about what you use with the game. Though Bungie currently deny that some applications which use screen overlays, such as the aforementioned Discord, are responsible for the recent wave of mystery Destiny 2 account bansthere is some anecdotal correlation.

Hopefully Bungie will explain the situation very soon, but in the meantime just do a quick bit of checking that nothing you habitually use with your games, such as OBS, is associated with any problems. Affected players may use Windowed Fullscreen mode to work around this issue. We are investigating the issue and will attempt to fix the crash, but these CPUs are below minimum spec and are not officially supported.

We are investigating. We are investigating this issue. The player experience may vary on versions of Windows that are not up-to-date. To avoid this issue, players should avoid switching tasks for extended periods of time when the AMD Crossfire feature is enabled. Players who encounter this issue must close and relaunch the Destiny 2 application. Players who believe they are encountering this issue should close the Destiny 2 application and relaunch.

To prevent this issue, players must ensure that they are logged out of Destiny 2 on any PC that they do not currently intend to play on.


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